The debates

Stakeholder’s roundtable

The state of EU industry: transition in an era of geopolitical and economic challenges

European industry is among the most innovative in the world. However, EU manufacturing – in particular the European steel industry – is beset by challenges both external and internal.

The international trade climate has grown markedly colder in the past year. Trade distortions are abounding in ways that do not only affect steel but other sectors and the employees operating within them. 

Climate change is an equally hot issue, with renewed political urgency. As the EU sets its long-term strategy, there are increasing calls for climate change policy to pick up the pace – with industry implicitly bound up with this priority.

This roundtable brings together stakeholders from across EU society, seeking to create a debate that spans steel, business, trade unions, policy and diplomacy. Only by working together to meet these challenges can we hope to transition to a prosperous future Europe. 

Joint interview

Sustainability and the steel industry

Steel is essential to the modern economy. It is in everything we do. Showing leadership in steel’s production, use, reuse and recycling is vital to placing Europe’s steel industry at the forefront. Being sustainable is not a matter of choice: it is a matter of survival.

In this joint interview, EUROFER’s President, Geert Van Poelvoorde, will be jointly interviewed alongside a top EU political leader. The joint interview will extract both participants’ top priorities for sustainability in industry, particularly the steel sector – as well as assessing Europe’s leading role in ensuring that economic, social and environmental standards are set and met globally.

Political roundtable

EU policy and European Industry: Priorities for 2019-2024

Transitioning to a the future of EU industry is easy to say, but it means meeting ambitious objectives, in part set out by policy makers. The road to the future is walked in many steps.

With the European Elections taking place in May 2019, a new parliament will mean a whole new set of ambitions and drivers. This roundtable will be an opportunity for newly (re)elected MEPs to set out their stall for the coming mandate.

The MEPs will be asked: what do they want for Europe? How will they work between 2019 and 2024 to make sure reaches its established objectives for the future? What other priorities to they have? What other ambitious plans will they set for themselves, for EU industry and for European society during their mandate?